At Floor Coverings International Columbia East we specialize in many kinds of flooring, but we also know this: luxury vinyl is the flooring of the future! With unbeatable durability, incredible ease of maintenance, and a practically flawless capacity for imitation, luxury vinyl is a viable option for many homeowners in the Columbia area. Luxury vinyl comes in both tile and plank form to suit your needs.
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Luxury vinyl is engineered for strength. Most luxury vinyl flooring is either highly water resistant or waterproof, so there is little concern for the development of mold or other damage from moisture. Scratches and other blemishes are another low-level area of concern for luxury vinyl owners due to its layered design. Beginning at the surface level and proceeding downward there is a polyurethane coating, then a protective wear layer, a print film layer, the vinyl core, and finally the tile backing.

The protective wear layer means waxing and similar exercises are not necessary. Simply sweeping and mopping will be enough to maintain a fresh aesthetic. The printed film layer, which gives luxury vinyl the look of just about any flooring you choose, is safe and sound beneath the protection of the higher layers.


One of the most exciting features of luxury vinyl is its talent for impersonation. It can look like hardwood, stone, ceramic, or nearly anything else at a lower cost than the genuine article. Because of this, luxury vinyl is suited to most anywhere in the home. It can resemble hardwood in the living room, stone in the basement, and ceramic in the bathroom.

It is also more slip-resistant than most hard flooring materials, so family homes are greatly benefited by the installation of luxury vinyl. One thing it cannot copy, however, is carpet. If you are looking for that softness beneath your feet in the bedroom, or the quiet of noise-absorbing carpet fiber, luxury vinyl may not be your flooring of choice.

The Flooring Experts

What you have with luxury vinyl is a floor that carefully imitates other flooring with less upkeep, and for less money. If your home in the Columbia area is in need of luxury vinyl’s versatility and efficiency, call us at the number above to schedule a free in-home consultation. The professionals at Floor Coverings International Columbia East are here to help!

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