With the advent of the American subway system in New York, subway tile made its exciting debut to the awe of many underground travelers. Today, subway tile is a common feature in many Columbia homes, and for good reason – it’s a timeless style and durable material that works perfectly in any kitchen or bathroom.

columbia east subway tile

In today’s homes, subway tile can go beyond the classic white rectangular design that is most familiar. The subway style can be achieved with a variety of tile sizes, materials, and colors. Floor Coverings International Columbia East is always ready to recommend subway tile to homeowners for its robust array of positive features!

The Tile

The term “subway tile” typically refers to a tile with length twice that of its height, typically 3” by 6”. In ceramic or porcelain, it’s typically very affordable, which makes it a particularly smart choice since its presence can noticeably enhance a home’s resale value.

Classic subway tiles are a sanitary choice for kitchen backsplashes and showers due to their ease of maintenance. You can scrub them with soap and water to make them look as good as new. You can expect your subway tile to last a great length of time in the home. In fact, the grout and caulk used during installation will probably need replacing before the tiles.

Installation Styles

Installation of subway tile is best left to the pros, but selecting an installation design is part of the fun for homeowners looking to customize their space. Similar to hardwood, subway tile can be installed in a classic straight offset pattern or horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parquet, or herringbone designs! It’s quite a long list, so plenty of time should go into the selection of your subway tile and design.

columbia east subway tile


Subway tile designs can be achieved from a number of different materials to fit any home décor. Ceramic or porcelain is a classic choice, but glass tiles are a clean and beautiful option, and marble or stone subway tile adds a heap of class to any kitchen. It can also be beveled for some pleasing geometric shadow effects upon the tiles.

For all your flooring needs, from tile to hardwood, Floor Coverings International Columbia East is your go-to source for a wide selection of flooring materials and installation. If you are looking to upgrade your Columbia home, look no further! Call us at the number below to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood, and surrounding areas!

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