Marble tile easily elevates rooms to new heights of sophistication. Available in many colors and patterns, marble can be incorporated into virtually any look, and it can easily increase the value of a home in the Columbia area.

columbia marble tile

Marble is a classic and timeless type of flooring that will never go out of style, but it can also be quite expensive and time-consuming to install. Homeowners should be aware of both the positives and negatives to this type of flooring before they select it for their home. Learn more about these pros and cons from Floor Coverings International Columbia East.

Marble Tile: Sophisticated and Timeless

Marble is very dramatic and sophisticated flooring. Due to its partial translucency, marble reflects light in a way that ceramic tiles and even other natural stones cannot; it essentially absorbs and scatters light. This is what gives its unique and warm look.

When installed throughout a home, marble is one of the most attractive (and sought after) types of flooring. Because marble comes in many colors and patterns, it can be easily matched to any home style. It is best used in areas such as entryways and bathrooms.

Marble can last a very long time when well cared for. It can also be polished and restored to look like new. Large format marble tiles with thin grout lines can be used to create a seemingly unbroken flooring surface, while smaller marble tiles can be used to create compelling designs.

Unlike ceramics, marble will never “go out” of stock or style, and similar looking marble will generally be able to be sourced. With ceramics, homeowners often have to be concerned that their tile may not be available at a later date in case any original tiles needs to be repaired or replaced. Even with its abundance, we do recommend you purchase extra marble tiles from the original batch and quarry to ensure consistency and coloration if your marble flooring ever needs to be repaired with new tiles.

Though marble does require some additional care, it is fairly easy to clean. When well sealed, cleaning of marble tile will require little more than sweeping and some light mopping.

The Drawbacks to Marble Tile

  • It’s expensive. Marble tile isn’t just expensive to purchase, it’s also expensive to install. Even if you can get a deal on the price per square foot, it’s going to take much longer to install because it is a more delicate material. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are resilient. If marble tile isn’t placed just right, it can easily crack. Working with a professional is a must when installing marble flooring at home.
  • It’s porous. Marble is a porous tile, like any other type of natural stone. Marble has to be regularly sealed against staining, or it will actually absorb stains — and stains can set into the marble very deeply, requiring either professional cleaning or replacement.
  • It’s soft. Marble is one of the softest stones. Though this gives it part of its unique appearance, it also means that it’s not very durable; marble tiles can shatter if something falls on them, or they can begin to crack over time. This also means that repairs and replacements may be necessary down the road.

Ultimately, marble is an investment of both time and money. It is best used in lower traffic areas and its biggest benefit is its beautiful appearance. It is not generally considered to be the most practical flooring option, but for homeowners that love the style and sophistication it brings, it is well worth the investment.

Contact Floor Coverings International Columbia East to learn more about marble tile and other natural stone flooring options. We will come to you with our mobile showroom so you can view samples in the comfort of your own home.

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