White oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring materials around the world and in Columbia homes. Native to North America, white oak is easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. If you have been considering hardwood floors for a while but haven’t yet made the move, white oak may be a good introduction.
White Oak hardwood flooring in Columbia

With hundreds of variations on colors and finishes, white oak can be transformed to fit in with any style of Columbia home. Learn more about the benefits of white oak flooring from Floor Coverings International Columbia East. 


White oak is better suited for seasonal changes than many other hardwood materials, including its close relative red oak. While some floors will expand and contract at extreme temperatures, white oak stays relatively stable due to its naturally smaller pores. This makes it a great long-term option. Especially for homes in the Columbia area.


A white oak floor will easily last more than a hundred years in your home. This material was a favorite among royal families, and the original white oak floors can still be found in many European palaces today. The longevity of white oak is partly caused by its moderate hardness ranking, which makes it easy to sand and refinish. Hardwoods that rank higher on the Janka hardness scale, such as Brazilian teak, are much more difficult to sand back down for refinishing. This makes white oak floors a timeless and relatively low maintenance option for homeowners thinking about the long term.  


No matter what your interior design looks like, white oak can be graded and stained to compliment it. If your home is more modern, you may opt for a clean and prefinished white oak floor. If your home is more rustic, you could go with a common #3 grade that shows off the natural beauty and imperfections within the wood. The options are endless and regardless of which style you choose white oak can be easily made to complement your pre-existing design.

If you think that white oak hardwood flooring would make a great addition to your Columbia home, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East a call today. We will help you go over your options and choose the floor that’s perfect for your family. Book now!

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