columbia walnut hardwood floor

Walnut hardwood goes by a few different names, including “black walnut” and “American walnut.” It has become quite popular as a flooring material in the U.S. due to its reliable build and colorful appeal.

Walnut is somewhat unusual in that its a bit delicate by wood standards. Make no mistake, though, walnut hardwood floors have a fan club here at Floor Coverings International Columbia East. We are eager to recommend it for Columbia homeowners in search of high-end flooring with style.

The Walnut Look

Walnut hardwood features a strong depth of tone, which is a robust brown unmatched by many similar wood floors. Its lengthy grain pattern stretches parallel along the planks, sometimes shifting subtly into red-brown tones. As it ages, walnut has a tendency to darkenin sections, balancing with some of its remaining light areas in a stunning dark-light contrast.

The Walnut Build

Walnut is a hardwood of some delicacy, rating around 1,010 on the Janka hardness test. Of course, by human standards, it is solid and sturdy. The Janka test determines a hardwood’s resistance to mechanical pressure, and walnut’s rating on the test basically indicates that it will scuff or scratch a little easier than some other hardwood floors.

columbia walnut hardwood floor

To keep your walnut floor looking smooth and new, a protective sealant is a must. Area rugs in high traffic locations can help keep walnut in good shape, and felt pads under furniture can ensure scratches don’t happen when relocating the couch.

Walnut may require special protection against scratching, but its resilience to mold, rot, warping, infestation, and water damage easily makes up for this minor shortcoming!

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