columbia teak wood floor

Floor Coverings International Columbia East is excited to review one of the absolute toughest, most attractive hardwood floors around. Teak is a special exotic wood used in many homes for its natural luster and deep brown color tones. Why choose teak wood floors for your Columbia home? Look through our quick overview of teak hardwood floors, and we think you’ll understand.

Durable Teak

If you want durability in a wood floor, look no further — teak is a strong, incredibly dense hardwood with a high rating on the Janka toughness scale. This means it can withstand tremendous amounts of mechanical pressure, far more than the typical homeowner would impose. Teak can remain undamaged even in areas of the home that see a lot of foot traffic, and you don’t have to worry about scraping it up when you rearrange the furniture. Its tight grain pattern also makes teak wood floors water resistant, an important feature in rooms where spills can occur, such as the kitchen or entryway

Beautiful Teak

Teak wood floors possess a natural brown warmth that radiates across the room. It usually doesn’t have to be oiled right after installation due to its own shining oil content, which helps to keep homeowners at ease instead of forcing them to carefully maintain their flooring. After a few years, when teak wood floors begin losing that natural shine, simply refinish them with a high-quality teak oil to restore their comforting glow.

columbia teak wood floor

Resilient Teak

Unlike many hardwood species, teak wood floors are naturally resistant to mold because of their natural oil content and water resistance. The oil also doubles as an insect repellant! Rest assured that bugs are not feasting on your teak wood floor and, when properly cared for with oil reapplications, they never will.

You Have Questions — We Have Answers

Floor Coverings International Columbia East has the answers to all your flooring questions, but we’re more than a group of local floor gurus. We pride ourselves on service for residents in Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood, and surrounding areas, providing and installing a tremendous range of quality flooring materials. Contact us today for your own free in-home consultation and see why we’re the #1 flooring folks around.

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