Prefinished Hardwood Floors ColumbiaThe benefits of prefinished hardwood over site-finished hardwood can make all the difference to homeowners seeking a durable floor and an easy installation. Here at Floor Coverings International Columbia East, we strive to make your flooring renovations stress free with our expert advice and free consultations. Below are the flooring basics a Columbia homeowner should know when deciding whether to go with prefinished or site-finished hardwoods.

What is Prefinished Hardwood?

Hardwood is “prefinished” when it has a protective topcoat applied during manufacturing instead of after installation. In contrast, site-finished hardwood is installed unfinished and is then stained and finished with a protective coating on-site. However, some homeowners believe that prefinished hardwood has a number of advantages over site-finished hardwood.


Manufacturers are able to use much more powerful chemical sealers on hardwood in the factory than one could use in their home. Thanks to this factory-strength coating, prefinished hardwood usually comes with a warranty of 5-25 years. In contrast, site-finished hardwood is normally warrantied for 3-5 years.


Installing prefinished hardwood is a quick and easy process, as the sanding, staining, and sealing has already been completed. When floors are site-finished, the chemicals involved can emit fumes for hours or even days. Using prefinished flooring is a way to avoid this issue. It also eliminates the mess made by sanding the wood in the home.


Prefinished hardwood does not allow for sealant to be applied over the seams between planks. This makes it easier for moisture and grime to enter into these crevices. This issue is avoided with site-finished hardwood, as the sealant goes over the entire floor after the planks are laid down. Irregularities beneath your subfloor may also show after installing prefinished hardwood, as you skip the opportunity to sand down height differences between boards if necessary.

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Prefinished hardwood comes in solid and engineered versions and it can be a beautiful and convenient flooring solution in your Columbia home. Contact Floor Coverings International Columbia East today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our prefinished hardwood selection. We proudly serve Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood and surrounding areas.


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