Hand-Scraped Hardwood in Columbia Floor Coverings International Columbia East

Are you looking to bring some warmth and classic style to your Columbia home? If so, then look no further than hand-scraped hardwood provided by Floor Coverings International Columbia East. We have a wide selection of wood species available, all of which look wonderful in this traditional style. Read on to discover where hand-scraped hardwood began and which rooms of your home would benefit from the addition of this lovely flooring.

Where Does Hand-Scraped Hardwood Come From?

Hand-scraped hardwood brings a sense of history and a beautiful, handcrafted aesthetic to any home. Preceding manufactured hardwood, hand-scraped hardwood flooring was once the only available option. This style meant that each board was unique, as woodworkers would hand-scrape each individual plank to the desired level of smoothness. Despite its name, many “hand-scraped” hardwoods these days are actually created by a machine that is configured to mimic the variable results that are typically produced by hand. Whether machine-made or hand-scraped, this type of flooring is often made to look older than it is, creating a worn, yet polished, aesthetic.

Where Should I Put Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors?

Like other styles of hardwood, hand-scraped hardwood floors should be kept out of damp or wet environments since the excess moisture in these rooms can cause the wood to mildew and warp. Otherwise, hand-scraped hardwood flooring makes a great addition to practically any room. This style looks particularly good in rooms where you are trying to bring a vintage touch to the décor. It can also be utilized as a contrasting decorative element against more modern or minimalist styles.

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