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With the durability and versatility of traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood is a popular choice for Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood area homes. Our customers enjoy its ease of installation and resistance to moisture, all while maintaining the classic hardwood look.

What is Engineered Hardwood?

Traditional hardwood is a solid block, one-half to one inch thick, of a single species of tree. Engineered hardwood consists of many layers. At the center lies unfinished wood or plywood. On top there is a thin hardwood veneer of the preferred wood, approximately one-eighth inch thick. Engineered hardwood can be made with any wood species, stain, and style of finish imaginable.

Its Advantages

Its layered design makes engineered hardwood very sturdy. It has a number of additional advantages over solid hardwood:

  • Engineered hardwood maintains the traditional look and feel of solid hardwood. You can find it in species from oak to pine; with rough or smooth finishes; and in wide, thin, or variable plank widths.
  • It can be placed on any surface, including concrete.
  • Due to the way it is installed, without the need to nail or glue, engineered hardwood has greater resistance to warping and buckling from moisture. (Precautions still need to be taken to avoid standing water.)
  • Engineered hardwood can be refinished, much like a solid hardwood, to match any updated décor. However, because of its thin veneer, it can only be refinished a few times before it needs to be completely replaced, depending on the thickness of the veneer.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly because less slow-growing hardwood is required for each board. Additionally, the veneer is sliced from a tree, rather than sawed, which produces less sawdust waste.

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At Floor Coverings International Columbia East, we carry a wide variety of engineered hardwoods for any room of the house. We are committed to finding the perfect hardwood flooring for any home. Call today to schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our high-trained flooring design associates!

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