birch hardwood flooring Columbia EastThough it isn’t as well known as some of its fellow hardwoods, birch is a fantastic material for hardwood flooring in Columbia homes. Read on to find out why the experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East think that this is a hardwood you should definitely consider for your next flooring project.

What Is Birch Hardwood?birch hardwood flooring Columbia East

There are many species of birch, but the ones most commonly used for building are sweet birch, yellow birch, and paper birch (with Janka ratings of 1450, 1260, and 910, respectively). The harder species of birch are just as strong as red oak, which is usually considered the standard for hardwood flooring when it comes to durability.

People use birch wood and other parts of the tree to make medicine, furniture, food (birch sap makes a tasty maple-like syrup), vehicles, paper, audio equipment, and ever aircrafts! In fact, Howard Hughes’ famous “Spruce Goose” flying boat (the largest aircraft ever flown) was, despite what its name would suggest, made almost completely out of birch.

birch hardwood flooring Columbia EastAdvantages of Birch Hardwood Flooring

Choose birch if you’re looking for a strong, lightweight, and distinctive flooring material. Even though it’s not always mentioned on lists of hardwood species that brighten up a room, birch has a light hue, which is contrasted with occasional dark strips that give the planks a distinctive look. Birch also has an uncommonly wavy grain pattern with many concentric circles and rings, which add to its unique, natural appearance.

Like any other hardwood, birch is easy to clean and care for, and it can be finished with a variety of stains in order to bring out different colors and textures. 

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If you think that birch might be the right material for the floors in your home – or if you just want to talk to an expert and see what other options are available – schedule a free, in-home consultation! The Floor Coverings International Columbia East team proudly serves the greater Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood area, and we’re always happy to bring our mobile showroom straight to you. Contact us today to get started!

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