Ash hardwood flooring in Columbia, SCOnce you decide on hardwood flooring, you need to choose the type of wood you want. While there are several types of wood, ash is a beautiful and unique option that will stand the test of time in your Columbia home. Ash hardwood flooring features a light color and beautiful graining that will add warmth and character to any space.

Ash Over Other Woods

Other wood species have specific drawbacks that ash avoids. Pine gives you a great rustic look, but it’s soft and dents easily. Harder woods, such as mahogany and Jatoba are stronger, but they darken with age and are sensitive to humidity. Ash has an intriguing grain pattern for visual interest and the durability that makes it a preferred wood for baseball bats and garden tools, in addition to gorgeous floors.


Ash sapwood ranges from cream to white. The heartwood of the tree ranges from dark brown to tan. You’ll always see the grain pattern and with the proper stain, you can really bring it out. Because ash is so light, it stains well, and it can even be left unstained with a clear topcoat to fully appreciate the natural color of the wood.


Ash hardwood flooring can be installed in any above-grade room in your home, including areas with heavy traffic. You can even use ash flooring in the kitchen as long as it’s properly sealed and you take care to mop up spills right away. Standing water can damage any type of hardwood, including ash.

Additional Benefits

Ash flooring has several additional benefits. Like all hardwoods, it is a natural insulator and comfortable to walk on. When cared for properly, including regular vacuuming or sweeping and occasional treatment with a floor cleaner, ash hardwoods will last for years in your Columbia home.

At Floor Coverings International Columbia East we can help you find the perfect hardwood flooring, and we provide free in-home design consultations to help you get started. Get in touch to learn about all the hardwood flooring options available to you.

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