Staircase Carpet Runner in Columbia

At Floor Coverings International Columbia East, we make it our top priority to help Columbia families find and install the right flooring options for their homes. A hardwood or vinyl staircase can cause many issues in an active household. To address these problems, we put together this guide on the perks of staircase carpet runners.

Noise Reduction

First and foremost is noise reduction. Whether you are going downstairs early in the morning, headed to the kitchen for a late-night glass of water, or anything else in between, having a hardwood staircase makes it hard to keep quiet. To many homeowners’ surprise, getting a carpet runner installed can do a world of wonders in eliminating thuds and reducing excess noise. Carpeted Stairs and stair carpeting in Columbia

Family Safety

It is clear that stairs are not the safest place for children, pets, or the elderly. However, with the addition of a staircase carpet runner, stairs can be made a lot safer for the entire family. Due to its traction, slipping on carpet is a lot less common. Even when wet, carpet is a safer option than hardwood or other alternatives. And in the case that an accident does occur, tripping on soft carpet is a lot better than tripping onto hardwood floors.


Probably the number one reason people install carpet in their homes is for its unmatched comfort – nothing feels homier than carpet under your feet. Carpet is soft and inviting, and does not get cold like tile or hardwood. The only downside to carpet’s comfort is that it can show natural wear over time, so we often suggest avoiding the use of shoes on any carpeted surface, and have your carpets cleaned annually for maximum longevity.

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