Carpeting is an ideal choice for any homeowner seeking a comfortable, versatile, and visually pleasing floor. When choosing your ideal carpeting, you have the option of three main styles: loop pile, cut pile or cut and loop pile carpets.

What is a loop in carpeting? During manufacturing, the carpet fiber is sewn into the backing, creating thousands of yarn loops. This loop can then be left intact for loop pile carpeting, or sheared off for cut pile carpets. Floor Coverings International Columbia East is proud to bring all three varieties to Columbia homes. Below, we’ll explain the differences between each.

Loop Pile Carpeting

All carpets start out as loop pile. These carpets are popular for their interesting texture and appearance. Loop pile carpets with a tighter loop will be more durable and resistant to snags or flattening. A larger loop will create a very soft, pleasing texture.

Nylon and wool are common materials for loop pile carpets. Berber carpet is a popular style that uses the loop pile construction.

loop pile carpeting

Cut Pile Carpeting

Cut pile carpeting is created when the loops of the carpet are cut during manufacturing. This can be used to create either a level surface or a surface with various lengths of yarn. Cut pile carpets are the most common carpeting today. They have a soft, comfortable texture and can be extremely durable. The durability of cut pile carpets depends primarily on the twist of the yarn (how many times the yarn has been twisted). A higher twist creates a more durable carpet.

Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber for cut pile carpets. Plush carpets and frieze carpets are both types of cut pile carpeting.

cut pile carpeting

Cut and Loop Carpeting

Cut-and-loop carpets combine both styles. The textures of the alternating cut and loop pile create distinct patterns in the carpet that are visually intriguing.

cut and loop pile carpeting

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