Area Rug for Living Room in Columbia, SCWhen thinking about new flooring, most homeowners will jump to wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood. But sometimes all a home needs is a new design piece that will brighten the room and add comfort. A simple solution that is easy to install and won’t break the bank is an area rug.

Since area rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, you will have no problem picking one out for your Columbia home. Think about the purpose your rug will serve, and then schedule an in-home consultation with Floor Coverings International Columbia East to test out different samples in your home or office.


Whether you’re going classic and cozy or bold and textured, we’ve got the rug for you at Floor Coverings International Columbia East. Area rugs are a simple and beautiful way to refresh the design of your room. If you have hardwood, stone, or laminate flooring, area rugs can make the space more comfortable and warm, especially in a bedroom or living room.

An area rug can also break up the monochromatic look of hardwood without covering it up completely. Your hardwood flooring will still make its statement, but your room will be more inviting. If you already have carpeting, an area rug will add a layer of comfort and can be chosen in bold designs or colors to act as more of a design element.


Area rugs protect the flooring underneath by creating padding between the floors and any damaging forces such as foot traffic, high heels, pet claws, or heavy furniture. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or stone, adding an area rug will keep it safe for years to come. Area rugs also absorb sound and will keep your home quieter from room to room. Finally, rugs are much easier to replace than other wall-to-wall flooring options when the time comes for an update.

Dining Room Area Rug in Columbia, SC


Just like any carpet, area rugs should be cleaned regularly, but their size and mobility makes it far easier to do so than wall-to-wall carpet. Some area rugs can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, and you won’t have to worry about hiring an in-home carpet cleaner.

Another benefit of an area rug is that, if it does get worn out or if you’re ready for a new style or design, just take it out and roll in a new rug! No hassle of re-flooring construction required and far more affordable. One thing to keep in mind is to pick the color and style of your area rug according to the room. If you’re installing an area rug underneath your dining table, choose something that will be easy to clean after the inevitable food stains land below.

The variety of sizes you can choose for your area rug will allow you to use them in any room. Whether it’s a splash of color in your entryway, a subtle runner through your hallway, or a bold statement for your bedroom, area rugs are an excellent choice around your home. If you’re thinking more about area rugs, contact us at Floor Coverings International Columbia East to look at samples and decide what is best for your Columbia home!

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