When it comes to choosing a floor for your Columbia area home, most people are so busy thinking about price and installation logistics that they forget to consider one of the most important things of all.

Have you ever considered how different kinds of flooring communicate different priorities? Most of us naturally try to balance comfort, affordability, and appearance, but sometimes in the frenzy of a new project we forget to really give consideration to one or the other.

Read on for some insights from the experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East, and find out whether your floors are really in line with your priorities.

plush carpet in columbia

What Plush Carpet Flooring Really Says About You

“I value comfort above anything else. I spend a lot of time relaxing in my living room or bedroom. I like to watch TV, snuggle up with a good book, and hang out with the people I love. I think of my home as an intimate setting. I’m not against having people over, but when they’re in my space they should take extra care to be respectful and avoid making a mess. I don’t mind doing a little extra cleaning if it means my home will be cozy and stylish.”

hardwood flooring in columbia

What Hardwood Floors Really Say About You

“My home is where I relax with family and enjoy time alone—but it’s also where I like to spend time with friends. I’m a social person, and I take a great deal of pride in creating a space that other people will enjoy as much as I do. I love to entertain guests and my home has to be versatile. I think of myself as a design-minded person, and I love spending time perfecting my home with the perfect furniture and art. When it comes to home-care, I prefer things that are tough and low maintenance, but I don’t mind doing a little deep cleaning once every couple of weeks.”

luxury vinyl flooring in columbia

What Luxury Vinyl Flooring Really Says About You

“Like everything else in my life, the floors in my home should be tough, low maintenance, and reliable. “Keep it simple” is my motto, and if it’s going to require constant attention then it’s not allowed in my home. I value efficiency, and when it comes to cleaning I like to find ways to minimize and prevent mess. Still, I don’t want ugly or cheap-looking floors because I want other people to love my space as much as I do. Luckily, the hyper-realistic surfaces of luxury vinyl, such as hardwood and tile, allow me to balance looks, cost, and care so that I can get back to doing the things I love!”

Let the Experts Help

If you want a little help making sure your floors communicate the right signals, get in touch with our friendly design team! It’s easy to schedule a free consultation online or by phone, and our mobile showroom can come right to your home anywhere in the greater Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood area, conveniently allowing you to browse through our amazing products. Get in touch today to start your next project!

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