We love the classic look of hardwood floors, but there is something stunning about a creative flooring design. Complicated or simple, a patterned floor can add style and interest to your Cayce home. At Floor Coverings International Columbia East, we know how much of an impact flooring can have on your home! We’ve broken down our favorite creative flooring designs to let your hardwood make a statement.


A herringbone pattern is a modern take on classic parquet flooring. Each wood plank is staggered, creating an interlocking pattern. The result is a stunning and dynamic wood floor that looks as if it has been weaved together. Our experts can add even more visual interest by installing planks in varying color tones.

herringbone hardwood floors columbia east


Commonly confused with herringbone, chevron flooring is the other popular version of parquet flooring. Instead of a staggered pattern, the planks in a chevron design meet in a perfect point. This design creates a series of arrows. The design would be absolutely beautiful in your Cayce home.

chevron hardwood floor columbia east

Mixed Width

Traditional hardwood planks are a standardized size: narrow, normal, or wide. For a unique design twist, our experts can install planks of varying widths in your Cayce home. A mixed width wood floor will perfectly match a rustic décor, giving your home a natural feel.

mixed width plank hardwood columbia east


Want to make your room feel larger? Diagonal pattern hardwood planks will successfully create the illusion of a larger room. Paired with a light colored wood, your home will immediately feel brighter and more spacious. Light diagonal floors are one of our favorite design tricks at Floor Coverings International Columbia East.

diagonal hardwood columbia east


If a hardwood floor pattern feels like too drastic of a decision for you, consider a hand-scraped plank. Cayce homeowners love the warmth and texture of hand-scraped wood. Installed in a traditional hardwood plank style, hand-scraped hardwood can give your flooring a slight texture. This is look great for homes with a vintage décor!

hand scraped hardwood columbia east

Start in Cayce Today

Do you want your hardwood floor to make a statement? Our experts can help break down every statement flooring option available, giving you a design you love. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation to get the process started today! We are proud to serve the greater Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood area.

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