Many people believe that natural flooring is just better – better for your health, home, and the environment. Given that mindset, it makes sense that many people have misconceptions about synthetic carpeting. When it comes to carpet fibers, many people assume that natural fibers such as wool are the best option. Floor Coverings International Columbia East is here to set the record straight about synthetic carpeting.

Misconception: Synthetic carpets are less comfortable than natural carpets.

Truth: Synthetic carpeting can be equally as comfortable as soft natural carpeting, such as wool, and significantly more comfortable than fibrous natural carpeting options, such as sisal. Synthetic carpeting has come a long way in terms of comfort, and can easily compete with natural materials. Nylon, for example, is as soft as wool – but even more durable.

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Misconception: Synthetic carpets are bad for the environment.

Truth: Many modern synthetic carpets are manufactured using recycled material. This makes them an excellent eco-friendly option! This method turns old carpets and recycled plastics into brand-new carpets, preventing these materials from ending up in landfills. Synthetic carpeting could be the perfect environmentally friendly choice for your Columbia-area home.

Misconception: Synthetic carpets release harmful chemicals.

Truth: Synthetic carpets, as well as natural carpets, are some of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds. Synthetic carpeting can actually have a positive effect on the air quality of your home. Carpeting traps dust and dirt, preventing it from staying airborne. Synthetic carpeting actually has one benefit over natural carpeting: it’s mold and mildew resistant. Since mold and mildew can cause respiratory issues in many people, synthetic carpeting is an excellent option for those sensitive to air quality and allergens. Be sure to carefully research the product and manufacturer before purchasing carpet. Some synthetic options are better than others, and you often get what you pay for! 

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