columbia basement floor

Basements are unique among the levels of a Columbia home. Not just any flooring material can be safely installed below grade, and without proper consideration, the wrong basement floor can even impact a homeowner’s health! For those who enjoy the cool calm of a basement sanctuary, moisture-resistant floors are crucial.

Moisture threatens healthy, safe basement flooring with the accumulation of mold and mildew. Your lungs can undergo quite a trial if you inhale moldy particles on the regular, so keep your airway clean and your basement fresh with this guide by Floor Coverings International Columbia East.

Moisture in the Basement

Rain, unvented clothing dryers, and basement bathrooms comprise some of the most common sources of basement moisture. Even humid outside air can sneak below your main floor, condensing and building up a perfect little atmosphere for pockets of mold to develop.

Hardwood floors are typically not the best choice for basement flooring, due to the fact that mold thrives on natural substances. If it creeps into a porous hardwood floor’s planks, it can grow beyond a homeowner’s detection until it’s too late!

columbia basement floor

Viable Options for Basement Floors

Ceramic tile boasts incredible water resistance when it is sealed with a glaze. Basement ceramic tile floors can help homeowners beat summer heat with a naturally cool surface, although the grout between tiles is indeed very porous. Fortunately, grout can be annually sealed with a water barrier substance to keep it mold-free.

Nylon and polyester carpet also offer excellent water resistance, but they should be installed with a molded plastic underlay to serve as a water barrier. This will prevent moisture from creeping beneath the fibers.

Floating synthetic floors are generally a solid choice for basements, since they allow for moisture barriers to be installed between the floor and your home’s foundations. Laminate and vinyl are two such examples of potential floating floors with strong resistance to moisture.

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