columbia east cleaning natural stone floors

High-end stone flooring is something special to behold. Marble, granite, and slate are three popular options, providing any Columbia home with the cool, calming ambience for which these stones are renowned. However, a major point to bring up with high-quality stone flooring is care and maintenance.

To fully enjoy the luxurious beauty of these natural stone floors, it is important to consistently care for them, keeping in mind stone’s surprising sensitivity to various cleaning agents. Follow this guide by Floor Coverings International Columbia East for all the tips you need to keep your stone flooring in pristine shape.

Chemical Concerns

Possibly the most important thing to consider when choosing a cleaning substance is its pH value. Acidic cleaners are extremely destructive to the appearance of high-end stone flooring. Marble surfaces in particular will suffer a distinct loss of shine, and can become irreparably spotted & discolored by the harsh chemicals in acidic cleaning agents.

To effectively clean your stone floor, try pH-neutral agents, like water with heavily diluted dish soap or ammonia. Granite and slate are a bit less sensitive than marble, but to be safe, you should apply the same rules when caring for them.

After mopping or gently scrubbing, be sure to dry the floor with a soft towel. Stone tends to be porous and can absorb unwanted moisture if undried. Some marble actually contains iron oxide, which untended water can release to the surface, leaving rust stains on your floor!

columbia east cleaning natural stone floors

Dirt and Scuffs

If your natural stone floor does come by stains or scuffs, it may still be possible to restore the marked section. Using your mild mixture of a pH-neutral agent and water, take a microfiber cloth and gently scrub the affected area. Rub the stain up and down along the grain, avoiding circular motions. Buffing the area with a dry cloth after this will help to maximize the shine.

Where We Enter the Picture

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