From the dark hues of Brazilian walnut to the bright blonde of white oak, hardwood is available in a vast spectrum of colors. Both dark and light wood have distinct styles and personalities – but which will fit your home the best?

Dark Hardwood Flooring

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Dark hardwood is sleek and elegant. The deep hues of dark woods will bring a strong personality and sense of luxury to your home.


The rich shades of dark hardwoods provide a striking backdrop for your home. The deeper shades allow the grain patterns to stand out in dark hardwood, giving it added personality. Beautiful alone, dark hardwood also allows home decor to truly pop. Consider light decor and bright colors to complement your dark hardwood.


Dark hardwoods, such as Brazilian walnut, tend to be more durable than lighter hardwoods. Ebony, walnut, and rosewood rank higher on the Janka Hardness Scale than light woods such as pine, ash, and birch. In high-traffic areas, dark hardwoods may have more natural resistance to daily wear-and-tear.

Light Hardwood Flooring

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Lighter flooring has a brightening effect, making rooms appear lighter and more spacious. This makes light hardwood floors the perfect choice for smaller rooms, or rooms which lack natural light. The pale shades of light wood will reflect light and provide a significant illuminating effect.


Bright shades and simple grain patterns give light wood floors a friendly, welcoming vibe. These floors are ideal for creating a home that feels warm, open, and pleasant.

Low Maintenance

Light hardwood floors will disguise dust and crumbs, which allows them to go uncleaned for longer. This cuts down on overall maintenance of your floors. On the other hand, dust and crumbs will show up very clearly on dark hardwood, which means it requires more maintenance to stay looking pristine. The same is true for minor scratches: they will be less obvious on lighter hardwood floors.

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