Surprised to find “luxury” and “vinyl” in the same sentence? We get it. Vinyl has historically been associated with low-budget remodels, but as flooring technology continues to improve, that is no longer the case.

Vinyl has been engineered to perform and look better, giving birth to a new type of flooring: luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). So what makes LVF so great? The experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East break down what homeowners in Columbia love about this new take on an old floor.

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring in Columbia

One of the main differences between luxury vinyl and regular vinyl is in how it’s constructed. There are four layers that make up luxury vinyl floors and give them the durability they’re known for.

The baseboard has an extremely high density that makes it impermeable to water. On top of this layer is where you’ll find a printed hyper-realistic photo made to resemble hardwood, tile, or whichever style of floor you prefer. The photo is sealed with a clear film to protect it from deep damage and then a coat of aluminum oxide to prevent minor scuffs and scratches. At every layer, luxury vinyl flooring is suited to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.


1. Waterproof

Yes- you heard us correctly. Luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. LVF is ideal for rooms that accumulate moisture or spills like bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re planning to finish your basement but have had trouble finding a suitable flooring that will withstand the temperature and humidity fluctuations, LVF may be your solution!

2. Comfortable

These floors are a comfortable alternative to stone or hardwood. They are softer underfoot, which makes them ideal for spaces like kitchens where you find yourself standing for long periods of time. They also maintain a neutral temperature that feels nicer to walk on than colder flooring materials.

3. Hyper-realistic

The best part about LVF is that you can have all these benefits, while still achieving any look. With improvements in printing technology, the options are virtually endless for colors, styles, and designs. Bring the luxurious look of hardwood into your home without worrying how it will endure kids and pets. Or opt for a natural stone look, without having to seal each tile. LVF gives you the luxury look without the luxury maintenance or price.

Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Right for Me?

Waterproof, scratch resistant, comfortable and beautiful; luxury vinyl floors make a great addition to any Columbia home. If you are considering luxury vinyl for your next project, make sure to schedule a free consultation with the experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East. We are local and ready to you find the right flooring solution for your family.

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