You’ve made a big investment installing hardwood flooring in your Columbia home. Taking care of it is essential to make sure it lasts the lifetime of your home. From daily routines to less frequent treatments, here are a few great ways to make sure your hardwood keeps looking good as new.

How to clean hardwood, Floor Coverings International Columbia East

On A Daily Basis

Regular sweeping and mopping should be a part of your weekly routine, especially if your hardwood is in a high-traffic room like the kitchen or entryway. Buildup from dust and dirt will wear away the protective seal on the floor and deteriorate the wood. Sweep away any collecting particles on the surface and then mop thoroughly to scrub and clean any sticky spills left behind. Speaking of spills, make sure they are taken care of immediately! Liquid can get absorbed and warp the wood, especially if you have a porous species that is more likely to be damaged by moisture, such as ash flooring.

Every Few Years

Placing heavy furniture on hardwood will create stress points across your floor. While the stronger varieties won’t dent under the pressure, such as red oak flooring, relieving some of these points by rearranging furniture in your room will balance out the weight carried by your floors. It will also reduce the risk of discoloration from certain spots not getting sunlight exposure. If you have an especially heavy couch or entertainment center, try it out in a new spot every few years, just be sure not to scrape the floors during the moving process!

Some rooms are limited by shape or size and rearranging furniture isn’t an easy option. Consider buying area rugs that cover at-risk spots and absorb some of the weight of furniture. These changes will keep your floors bearing weight evenly and maintain their value for years to come.

When It’s Damaged

If you’ve acquired scratches and dents and it is starting to become noticeable, refinish your floors. This is a very laborious task and we don’t recommend that you try it yourself. Floor Coverings International Columbia East can help you with this project so you won’t have to lift a finger. To refinish your floors, the surface needs to be sanded down to remove any superficial damage. Once it’s flat and clean, your floors can be polished to regain the brand new shine and elegance it once had. The last step is to reapply the protective sealant to the surface to prevent substantial damage in the future. Once it’s done, your floors will look as good as they day they were installed.

Taking care of your hardwood is the most worthwhile practice to protect your investment. Everyday cleaning is a simple habit and will go a long way. If sweeping and mopping aren’t a part of your regular routine, consider a wood-look tile or vinyl floor that is easier to maintain, or simply avoid putting hardwood in risky locations like the kitchen. Your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia East can help with any flooring concerns you may have. If you want to look at a protective area rug or have damaged hardwood that needs refinishing, call us today!

Photo Credit: © Jocic