Interior design, Floor Coverings International Columbia EastNothing is quite as striking as an interior that uses color well. Whether it’s blue walls in a kitchen or colorful tiles in a bathroom, the addition of color in a home is unusual and bold. Nevertheless, adding bright color to a space can be intimidating. If not executed properly colors can be over stimulating to the eyes, or may come across as resembling more of a children’s playroom than a mature space. If you’d like to take the plunge and add bright color to your Columbia East home we have a few tips to consider, from choosing neutral floors to balancing color with other elements in a room.

Don’t Paint Every Room a Bright Color

Changing the color of your walls is an easy way to transform the personality of your home. For those homeowners that want to add color to their entire home we do, however, suggest that they don’t add bright colored walls to every room. Although each room should be considered its own design project, you should still prioritize cohesion throughout your residence. For instance, perhaps you choose to paint the walls of a bedroom yellow and the walls of a home office blue. This is a great choice, especially because individual rooms are isolated from open spaces. To balance out the bright walls of some rooms with the rest of your home you might keep communal spaces, like the kitchen or living room, slightly more neutral. Bright colors can still be a theme throughout the whole house, but in these larger, open spaces, neutral wall paint ensures that the bright colors don’t begin to take over.

If you Paint a Wall a Bright Color, Compliment it with Neutral Floors

In order to execute bright colors well, a balance must be struck between bright and neutral colored elements in a room. If you choose to paint a room yellow we recommend striking that balance by installing a neutral floor, like a simple light-toned hardwood. Flooring materials like hardwood or wool carpet, create a sense of timelessness and steadiness, which will prevent a bright colored room from becoming overwhelming. Installing flooring consistently throughout an entire home is also a great idea, because keeping one element uniform will create a sense of cohesion.

If You Choose Neutral Floors and Walls, Compliment with Bright Accessories

In rooms where you’ve chosen to keep floors and walls more neutral, one way to continue the bright theme of a home is to decorate with colorful accessories. In a kitchen this could include the addition of bright colored dishes or artwork, or even a simple wooden table paired with bright green chairs. Color makes a space playful, and adding it in different forms to some rooms instead of painting walls achieves a sense of respite and also a link to brightly painted spaces.

Photo © Daylightistanbul Studio