Carpet recycling in Columbia, SCWe love helping homeowners in the Columbia area improve their homes and offices with new flooring. But what about the old flooring? If you are interested in learning more about the latest in carpet recycling efforts, read on!

What part of the carpet can be recycled?

Both carpet and padding can be recycled. Padding is often made from repurposedĀ materials already, and therefore it’s easier to breakdown and reuse. The carpet fiber can be a bit more challenging to recycle, depending on its composition. However, there has been a movement in Columbia and around the country in recent years to solve the carpet recycling conundrum, and many locations now accept old carpet backing and fiber for recycling programs.

Can carpet be thrown away?

Technically, carpet can be thrown away, but it is typically too big to be collected curbside. Carpet can be taken to a drop off location, or disposed of using a number of other recycling methods, such as through the South Carolina Carpet Recovery Coalition.

Can carpet be donated?

For health reasons, carpet is not generally accepted for donation. That being said, there are a number of ways you can reuse a carpet that is in good shape. If you are involved in a church, school or community center, consider asking your contact there if they would be interested in reusing a lightly worn carpet. Some local charities will also accept carpet donations for building or home restoration projects.

An old carpet can be creatively repurposed by cutting it down to serve as an area rug or runner. You can find professional carpet binding services to finish this look, or purchase a DIY kit to do the binding at home for a fraction of the cost.

What does the old carpet become?

Some carpets can be recycled to become new carpet in the form of fiber or backing. Synthetic carpet is often turned into plastic resin to become other products, such as washing machine parts or wheel trims. Wool or other natural fiber carpets can be used for underlay and insulation products. Finally, your old carpet could even be converted into energy to power manufacturing operations!

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Photo by Tom Grundy