5 Things to Love About Area Rugs in Columbia

We’ve said there is a lot to love about an expanse of warm, soft wall-to-wall carpeting, and that’s still true. However, for rooms of the house where hardwood, tile, or laminate are the preferred flooring, consider the benefits an area rug can bring.


Area rugs are a simple way to enhance any room. They can be decorative centerpieces or neutral coverings. Use area rugs to complement a set of furniture or extend a color theme in a room. They also break up the monochromatic look of hardwood and bring a more inviting feel to stone tile.


Area rugs provide several functional benefits. For flooring which feels hard underfoot such as stone tile, area rugs alleviate discomfort. They also insulate heat and sound. Use them to bring warmth to cool tile and dampen footsteps coming from upstairs rooms.

Area rugs also provide protection to base flooring. Use them to ensure your flooring lasts. They can be placed in high traffic areas such as entryways and living rooms, and they also work well under dining tables to guard against spills and staining.


Another benefit of area rugs is their simplicity to add to a room. You don’t have to commit to a full installation of new flooring. Simply unroll and you’re done! Similarly for maintenance, area rugs can be easily transported for cleaning.

Shag Area Rug in Columbia East


Choose from a seemingly endless array of options: color, shape, size, texture, material, and pattern. If you are using an area rug for an outdoor area such as a patio or deck, opt for a durable material. But if the area rug is meant for the living room check out a shag carpet made from wool or nylon.


Of course, price is also a big benefit for area rugs. While pricing can vary depending on the material and design, area rugs are a lower cost option for remodeling compared to a full, new flooring project.

If you are ready for new flooring in your Columbia home, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Columbia East. Our design associates are happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your living space.

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