Have you ever seen a polka-dot floor or a house with tile flooring that wasn’t actually real tile? It’s very likely that flooring was laminate. With an ability to mimic practically any material, laminate flooring can be customized to fit any existing home décor. Floor Coverings International Columbia East has provided three pattern ideas to help get you started on your laminate buying journey.

3 Laminate Flooring Patterns Floor Coverings International Columbia East


Always a classic kitchen pattern, checkered flooring creates a fun, café-like atmosphere that can be dressed up or down depending on the colors you choose. This pattern of flooring is very engaging and can be made even more visually stimulating by selecting a laminate pattern with “grout lines” whose color contrasts with the color of the checkered tiles.


One of the bolder patterns available to homeowners installing laminate flooring is mosaic. This pattern is great in rooms where you want to add a little flair to your existing décor. Just as real mosaics can be created through endless combinations of stones and patterns, so too can mosaic-patterned laminate be designed in many different ways.

3 Laminate Flooring Patterns Floor Coverings International Columbia East

Herringbone with Wood-Look Laminate

As an extremely versatile material, laminate flooring is not only available in many colors and patterns, but it is also able to imitate hardwood flooring. Extremely realistic wood-look laminate is installed as single planks just like actual hardwood. Because laminate can be laid down in this fashion, wood floor patterns such as herringbone can be created with wood-look laminate. This dynamic flooring pattern takes rectangular boards and staggers them to create a zigzag effect that is perfect for modern homes or for use as a contrasting element with more traditional décors.

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