Slate Tile Colors in Columbia, SC

What Is Slate Tile?

Slate tile from Floor Coverings International Columbia East is a striking and unique flooring choice for your home in Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood, or another local area. Slate tile is usually gray, but you will find that it comes in a variety of tones including blue and even red. Each slate tile is cut from all-natural stone so that no two pieces are alike.

For indoor use, choose between honed slate tile and clefted natural slate tile. Honed slate has been polished until the surface is smooth and even. Clefted natural has been polished flat on one side for ease of installation, while the other side is only lightly refined to show the natural character of the stone. With all this in mind, consider slate tile for use in these unexpected areas of your Columbia home.

Modern Bathroom

Slate tile is often associated with a rustic look, but its modern color and minimalist vibe make it a perfect choice for a utilitarian-chic bathroom. Slate tile is moisture resistant and offers natural traction to prevent slipping. With a proper sealant, honed slate flooring will easily repel the dampness of your bathroom floor. As for the shower, you could try a high-grade clefted natural: the extra texture on this tile type will add traction for secure footing. You’ll love this rustic-meets-modern take on bathroom design.

Sunroom Or Mudroom

Because of its all-natural appearance and resistance to weather and damage, slate tile flooring is a great material for home areas that serve as transition points to your backyard or front garden. Slate tile is non-slip and it stands up to dampness, especially the kind tracked in by a muddy pair of boots, making it a great choice for your mudroom or laundry area.

The high durability of your slate tile floor means that you won’t have to worry about damage, even when summer guests push around the metal patio furniture that you use in your sunroom. Slate tile is the perfect fit for any place in your home where indoor meets outdoor.

Fireplace Hearth

Slate tile is rock-solid, and we mean that literally. As a stone material, slate boasts extreme durability and it is completely fireproof. For these two reasons, slate tile makes a gorgeous statement when used as the tiling for a fireplace hearth. Slate is even strong enough to be used underneath a solid fuel stove. Despite its gray hue, slate tile will bring you warmth and joy when you and your loved ones gather around the fireplace during the cold winter months.

Our team at Floor Coverings International Columbia East would love to help you improve your home with slate tile flooring. Contact our team for a free in-home design consultation in the Columbia area today.

Photo by Kues