Parquet hardwood flooring, Columbia SCParquet flooring is staging a comeback in Columbia. It’s the kind of comeback that Louis XIV would admire, having replaced the marble floors at Versailles with parquet hardwood in the early 17th century. The most famous example of parquet flooring is in Versailles’ “Hall of Mirrors.”

Louis XIV, however, wasn’t the only admirer of parquet flooring. After visiting France in 1760, Thomas Jefferson was so inspired by the “Monticello” (Italian for “little mountain”) parquet pattern that he used the style for the flooring in his Virginia mansion. When it comes to outfitting a home with hardwood flooring, don’t be a square. Put some geometry under your feet and enjoy a parquet twist. Here is some inspiration from our team at Floor Coverings International Columbia East.

A Guide to Parquet Patterns

Parquet is hardwood flooring that’s angular and geometrical. Marquet, on the other hand, refers to wood floors that contain curved pieces. Clean, elegantly shaped parquet patterns were popular in 16th century Europe. Due to the fact that each piece of wood had to be hand-cut and meticulously fit into place, parquet flooring was a labor-intensive style that only the wealthy could afford.

Parquet wood flooring had a brief period of popularity in the 1970s and 80s. The ability to mass-produce floorboards made the style affordable, and parquet flooring was viewed as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. However, homeowners quickly realized that mass-produced parquet lacked the character and craftsmanship of the original, and it fell out of favor as fast as shag carpets, mauve-colored sectional sofas, and avocado-green walls.

The Calling Card of Luxury

Today, parquet flooring is the calling card of a luxury home. It’s commonly used in formal living rooms, dining rooms and entryways, the zigzag design elevating the home’s aesthetic from the ground up and embodying a standard of luxury finish. Parquet is easy to maintain. It can be used with traditional and contemporary styles, and it looks as elegant in a restored chateau as it does in a sleek, modern Manhattan apartment.

Chevron and herringbone are the two most popular types of contemporary parquet wood flooring. Both styles have been around for over a century. Chevron features wood planks that meet in perfect points like a string of arrows, while herringbone planks are slightly staggered. There are many design variations, however, in the herringbone pattern. Parquet wood patterns draw the eye along the floor, and make small rooms look larger. In emphasizing the wood flooring design, many homeowners compliment the look with a muted aesthetic – think clean lines and limited furniture.

Fine wood parquet flooring may have disappeared for while, but it’s back. It’s a one-of-kind design that feels both classic and modern. Contact our team at Floor Coverings International Columbia East to learn more about installing parquet flooring in your home in the Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood area.

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